Black History Month | Walking in Their Footsteps

Black History Month recognises Black History, Achievement and Contribution of Black People in the UK.  Last year marked the 30th Black History Month celebrations in the UK. 

In light of the WindRush scandal, it seems fitting for us to have a Day of Reflection and Contemplation, as we consider the path walked by those who came before; the first Black British Footballers, the first Black British Super Model, the first Black British Newsreader, the First Black British MP, the first Black British Pilot.  The list goes on and on and yet it is still as important today as it ever was to acknowledge where we are and how far we have come.

Explore the magnificent world of YOU as a Black Person in the UK today!

Take time out to Reflect on why you are where you are.
Engage in Visioning where you want to be heading.

You will complete some reflective writing, create a visioning board, and consider your next steps.

You may be coming to the workshop to:

  • give thanks for your strength and wisdom
  • consider your purposes
  • connect to your heart’s desire
  • envision your dreams

Our hope for you is that you will have a snapshot and a sense of yourself and be able to use these insights to grow.

All materials will be provided and places are limited to 8 people.