‘Vision’ in its simplest form is what we can see because our eyes send the data that it receives to the brain, where it is translated into something that makes sense to us.

‘Vision’ is also a word used to describe our perceptions, our values, ideas, wants, dreams, aspirations, destiny, purpose, desires, and goals. 

We could just as easily be speaking about our imagination, a skill we begin developing as young children.  If you’ve ever watched a child deep in imagination, there are limitless possibilities of how the story, game or play activity will unfold and despite being repeated over and over again, it never has the same ending. 

As adults, we don’t talk about using our imagination instead, we use term like ‘Visualising’ and ‘Visioning‘.  It just seems more grown up! Irrespective of the label we use, it’s the same process and connections that are activated in our brains.