Visioning You Visioning Me, are CPD Accredited Providers who specialise in offering Visioning Board Experiences for people from all industries and at all levels of seniority from managers and CEO’s right through to ancillary staff, students, business start-ups and entrepreneurs, who are:

  • ready to take Action
  • open to New Experiences
  • want Change and Growth
  • Self-Aware
  • not addicted to ‘Inspirational Kool-Aid’.

It’s important to note that creating a Visioning Board will not change your Life.

A Visioning Board is one part of a Change Process. It is not the Process.

Cutting out pretty pictures and words that resonate with you and doing nothing else, is like saying that you want to travel the world and setting off on foot without choosing which direction you will go. At some stage, you will arrive somewhere, but it’s unlikely to be where you wanted to be.

We don’t often think about change as a process and you’re probably familiar with the endless round of meetings that take place introducing new systems, software, or cultures. The purpose of the meetings is not to persuade you that this is the next big thing, it’s to give you time and space to make the necessary internal adjustments that are required to support organisational implementation and personal change.

Change takes time.

At Visioning You Visioning Me, we provide the best learning experiences to:

  • build confidence and self-efficacy,
  • improve decision-making and motivation,
  • develop competency and efficiency,
  • stimulate connection and sure footedness,
  • invigorate, and infuse purpose and goals with passion, insight and wisdom

Are you Ready?