Visualisation has a strong basis in Science and the field of Neuroscience is beginning to expand our knowledge by mapping the brain and the regions that are active during different cognitive tasks. So if we think about raising our arm, fMRI scans have shown that the same region of the brain is activated, just as it would be if we were actually raising our arm.

Interestingly people think that Neuroscience is the pretty fMRI scan pictures that we often see, that tell us they prove something or other. It’s much more than that.

Neuroscience is the study of the Neurological System also called the Nervous System. Technology and the advancement of imagining equipment for medical diagnosis is being used for scientific research in particular into the brain as one of the areas of the body that we are most fascinated by.

We don’t yet know how the brain makes images and there are many many theories. Andrey Vyshedskiy suggests that complex neural processes play a part in our childhood imaginary games and that this innate ability builds our adult brains capacity to continue to imagine things we have never seen before. 

Why is this important? Because this is the foundation of creating Visioning Boards. 

Creating a Visioning Board engages our innate ability to visualise. There is no magic or secret that you must discover, it’s simply how we’ve been designed.