The Visioning Board Experience half-day workshops running from 10am – 2pm with the creation of a Visioning Board at its heart.

You may be coming to the workshop to:

  • begin a roadmap
  • reassess your goals
  • clarify your purpose
  • explore your passion

You may want to attend the Visioning Board Experience alone or with your team or friends.  It can be a very personal journey that is often full of surprises, insights and a newfound level of understanding.

What to Expect?
The workshop begins with a mindfulness exercise, followed by a visioning process.
Collect your images – you’ll look through magazines and other media for images that appeal to you in some way.
Creating your visual story – this is where the fun begins. You’ll be encouraged to feel your way into it. There is no right or wrong, its time to ‘play’.
Share the meaning of your image through reflective writing – you do not have to share your creation with anyone else if you do not want to.
You’ll be encouraged to engage in a dialogue that speaks to and speaks of what it is that you know now and what it is that you want to express to yourself now.

The aim is to facilitate the process of creation by giving time, space, and quiet to enable you to immerse yourself in self-exploration, engaging your imagination and tuning into your inner voice.

What are the benefits?
We hope that you will leave with;

  • a sense of yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and what it is that motivates or keeps you stuck or procrastinating
  • what you are passionate about and what you now want to commit to
  • the areas that you will simply not compromise on, because they do not match your values and purpose for yourself, your community, and your world
  • a sense of the direction that you want to be going in, with your career, business, relationship, projects etc.

We hope that you will have a snapshot of the YOU that is awake today, which will provide a firm foundation on which to grow.

You will leave with a visual representation of a moment in time that will act as an anchor for you as often as you want.

Its impact on you is for you to know and for us to be inspired by.

All supplies will be provided including a workbook for creative writing and options for getting your visioning board home.